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September 2017

ChromaTan Receives A $2.5 Million Contract From The FDA

for the development of a new continuous purification platform for single-use and continuous bio-manufacturing.




For the full announcement, click here (PDF).



The announcement is getting significant press!


September 25th–28th 2017 – Bioprocess International (BPI) Showcase In Boston, MA


AT BOOTH 1323!

Oleg Shinkazh, CEO of ChromaTan will be giving a featured talk at 2:30 p.m. on Wed September 27th on development and implementation of end-to-end continuous bioprocessing. He will be joined by Purolite's Application Manager Hans Johannson.


On the conference floor we will be featuring the beta version of our Process Development CCTC system.

CCTC Process Development System

Our partner Purolite Life Sciences will be joining us at BPI to showcase our new resin, jetting, and bioprocess technologies. Please read about our partnership at this link (PDF).

August 2017

ChromaTan opens a new location in Philadelphia Science Center!


Our address in Philadelphia is:

ChromaTan Corporation 
3624 Market Street Suite 5E
Philadelphia, PA 19104 


The company will be performing all laboratory and business functions out of this new location while the engineering department completes design and construction of the Process Development CCTC system in State College, PA.

July 2017

ChromaTan, Eli Lilly, and Penn State publish a seminal paper in Journal of Chromatography A after a long-term R&D collaboration!


The work showcases fantastic results of applying the CCTC platform to mixed-mode polishing chromatography.


Read article here: Continuous countercurrent tangential chromatography for mixed mode post-capture operations in monoclonal antibody purification

June 2017

ChromaTan and Purolite Corporation execute a strategic collaboration on chromatography resin development that resulted in an innovative new resin product that was specifically designed for the CCTC platform. Click the link below to read the announcement!

April 2017

ChromaTan receives a $500,000 infusion of capital from Life Science Greenhouse of Central PA and invites their portfolio manager Steve Carpenter to the company board!

ChromaTan receives a $100,000 infusion of capital from Blue Tree Venture Partners.

January 2017

ChromaTan grows the company headcount to 7 empoyees by hiring Bill Muzika as a Controls Engineer and Jonathan Walko as an Associate Engineer.

December 2016

ChromaTan completes the Phase I milestones for the Fast Track Phase II SBIR, gaining access to $1.5 Million in funds over the next two years to complete the Integrated Continuous and Single-Use bioproduction platform.

March 2016

ChromaTan publishes a peer reviewed publication in Biotechnology Progress.


The paper is focused on detailed discussion of performance optimization of the CCTC platform for antibody capture.


Read publication here: Performance optimization of continuous countercurrent tangential chromatography for antibody capture

January 2016

ChromaTan received a $1.73 Million Fast-Track Phase II SBIR grant award for the development of ICS – Integrated Continuous and Single-use bio-production platform. The development efforts over the next 3 years will focus on integrating CTC technology with perfusion bioreactors resulting in the first of its kind single-use platform for producing and purifying biologics in a continuous manner.

ChromaTan received technology endorsement from three of our future customers MedImmune / Astrazeneca, Regeneron, and NRC Canada. The letters describe our testing efforts and lay out intentions for further commercialization and sales of CCTC technology. One of the letters is attached, click here to view!

ChromaTan welcomes Dr. Soroosh Soltani and Dmitriy Fedorenko to our team, taking our head count to 6! These additions will significantly strengthen ChromaTan’s technical group with talent and expertise in both upstream and downstream processing!

September 2015

ChromaTan raises additional $170,000 of convertible debt from new investors!

August 2015

ChromaTan is featured in GEN magazine company profile!

Read article here: ChromaTan Purifies against the Current

May 2015

ChromaTan files a PCT patent for new claims on CTC system improvements, additional operational modes and methods!

March 2015

ChromaTan publishes a landmark peer reviewed paper in the special addition of the Journal of Biotechnology on Continuous processing. This publication was more than 1 year in the making, and involved collaborations and co-authorships from Penn State University, Fujifilm Diosynth, and Regeneron!

Read publication here: Purification of monoclonal antibodies from clarified cell culture fluid using Protein A capture continuous countercurrent tangential chromatography

ChromaTan is featured in GEN magazine’s Bioprocessing Perspective! Click here to read the article.

November 2014

ChromaTan submits a major publication to Journal of Biotechnology. The paper is co-written with Penn State, Fujifilm Diosynth and Regeneron Pharmaceuticals.

ChromaTan completes the CTC demo system and starts the ChromaTan blitz - a technology demonstration campaign with our first early adoption candidate.

October 2014

ChromaTan receives additional funding from NIH on the Phase II extension for $175,000!

June - October 2014

- ChromaTan presented data that was jointly generated with Fujifilm Diosynth and Regeneron Pharmaceuticals at several industry conferences including Prep, Recovery, ManuBio and Bioprocess International. The results showed 4-5 times productivity increase over the status quo technology with comparable purity and yield. The data causes significant excitement in the industry and leads to several technology evaluation requests from major antibody manufacturers.

October 2013

ChromaTan was awarded Phase II funding from the National Institute of Helath (NIH) for $985,000! This is a major milestone for our team and serves as a major validation for all the hard work that our team has been doing!

Some excerpts from the summary review statements:

"... This Phase II project has high significance because it describes a way to more cheaply purify proteins on large scale as needed for biopharmaceutical production. The innovation is high because the basic concept of the chromatography is new and appears to offer significant advantages"

".... This is an exciting prospect for those that depend on the production of such compounds. This is highly significant"

"... The CCTC system is a novel approach to using selective resins, like Protein A, in the purification of large amounts of protein. The resin is efficiently used unlike a conventional column where much of the column is “waiting” for the sample. This is clever engineering."

July 2013

ChromaTan was recently awarded an investment of $225,000 from Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Central PA! The funds will be used to boost the development of CCTC and increase ChromaTan's headcount to five!


ChromaTan and ASI have been featured on Pharmaceutical Technology in the article entitled "Single-Use Continuous Chromatography Overcoming Limitations of Traditional Protein Purification" by Dr. Cynthia Challener. Below is a short blurb:


Continuous countercurrent tangential chromatography combines the principles of chromatography and continuous/conveyor-belt processing with liquid–liquid extraction and tangential flow filtration to create the first “true moving bed” technology (as opposed to simulated moving bed) that is capable of large-scale, column-free capture purification of biologics, according to Shinkazh.

Initially developed by Chromatan and now under joint development by Chromatan and ASI, the Evopure system preserves the robust resin interaction and buffer chemistry of column chromatography while using a flow path specifically designed for single-use operation.

The Evopure system addresses three critical needs of the purification industry—cost savings on capital and operational costs, a single-use and sterile flow path, and linear scalability, according to Smeltz. Specifically, with CCTC, throughput is increased 5- to 10-fold when compared to conventional columns, which enables high resin cycling in a single batch. CCTC thus, makes single-use capture practical and introduces significant cost savings of up to 65% to the end user, according to Shinkazh.

Click Here To Read More

May 2013

ChromaTan publishes "Continuous Countercurrent Tangential Chromatography for Monoclonal Antibody Purification", a landmark paper in Separation Science and Technology!

April 2013

In-Pharma technologist highlights ChromaTan's partnership with ASI with exclusive podcast interview of ASI's president Kent Smeltz and ChromaTan's CEO Oleg Shinkazh! Click here to listen to the podcast (Internet Explorer is recommended).

June 2012

ChromaTan closes the seed round at $560,815 by raising $227,815 from angel investors, friends and family!

February 2012

ChromaTan featured in Centre Daily Times news article "Programs, Grants Help Boost Business"!

January 2012

ChromaTan welcomes our new VP of engineering Boris Napadensky!

ChromaTan moves into new office and laboratory space in the wonderful technology incubator at 200 Innovation park in State College, PA

December 2011

ChromaTan is funded by Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Central PA with a $150,000 debt investment!

ChromaTan signs a material transfer agreement with FujiFilm Diosynth

October 2011

ChromaTan hires Dr. Achyuta Teella to begin work on the continuous CTC prototype system! Welcome aboard!

September 2011

ChromaTan received an Phase 1 SBIR Award from the National Institute of Health (NIH) for $183,000 to construct a pilot Countercurrent Tangential Chromatography system!

August 2011

ChromaTan's Countercurrent Tangential Chromatography Methods, Systems, And Apparatus patent has been issued! You may download a PDF copy of the patent from the Intellectual Property section for review.

May 2011

ChromaTan's Continuous Countercurrent Tangential Chromatography System patent has been issued! You may download a PDF copy of the patent from the Intellectual Property section for review.

March 2011

ChromaTan's article titled 'Countercurrent tangential chromatography for large-scale protein purification' has been published in Volume 108, Issue 3 March 2011 of Biotechnology and Bioengineering.

July 2010

ChromaTan advances to the finals of Masschallenge! Masschallenge is a competition for startup companies.


ChromaTan will be moving into the accelerator stage of the program for a chance to win $100,000 dollars! More details at

March 2010

ChromaTan wins funding grant from Ben Franklin Technology Partners.

Spectrum is now an investor in ChromaTan.

January 2010

 Getting Real with Downstream ProcessingGEN

"Like all areas of bioprocessing, downstream purification has its own favored buzzwords—titers, bottlenecks, capacity, and others—meant to evoke a particular response depending on who is speaking or writing them. But, if we could just identify one leading, universal trend in downstream bioprocessing, it would be simplification."


December 2009

The ChromaTan team successfully created an innovative solution in countercurrent chromatography at the Penn State University Fenske Laboratory based on a patent pending design.

Feasibility studies completed - BSA/Myoglobin separation, excellent recovery, purity and hydrodynamic stability achieved.

August 2009

Partnership with Penn State and Dr. Andrew Zydney established.

March 2009

Patent filed.

January 2009

ChromaTan is officially incorporated.

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