We are very excited to announce a new strategic partnership as of October 2020 with Proconex – a member of Emerson Impact Partner Networks.

Proconex is a world-class market leading supplier of Emerson DeltaV process automation solutions. Proconex has invested both and cash and in-kind in ChromaTan’s Series A. Our teams are jointly working on the implementation of a complete automation solution for the CCTC platform based on DeltaV.

A few facts about Proconex -
Proconex is a premier supplier of automation solutions to the biopharmaceutical industries. We are located in Royersford, PA. Our team has dozens of year of experience with facility integration using the Emerson DeltaV platform to solve a variety of complex automation challenges. Over the past 2 decades we have become very active in the biopharmaceutical space having supported major players such as Merck in their pilot plant and commercialization efforts for continuous bioprocessing. Our staff has been on the forefront of the implementation of these solutions because of the significant requirements in next level automation solutions that are necessary to implement continuous processing. 

We are very excited to announce that as of June 2018, ChromaTan and Securecell are partnering to introduce the Numera in-line sampling platform to be integrated into the ChromaTan’s continuous bioprocessing solutions for in-line sample prep and analysis. The Numera system will provide in-line sampling for the multiple unit operations and closes the links between the bioprocesses and the necessary reference analytics.

Llantrisant, South Wales, UK — Purolite Life Sciences, a leading provider of specialty resins, and ChromaTan Corporation, a single-use chromatography solutions provider, announce on June 20th 2017 a successful collaboration for the development and commercialization of a custom-designed, novel Protein A resin bead designed specifically to address the needs of continuous manufacturing.

[Fact Sheet On Collaboration (PDF)]

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