Outreach & Education

At ChromaTan our mission is to help lower the price of therapeutics by providing efficient and cost-effective chromatography to our customers. The first step in that mission is to work with and engage as many industry and academic partners as possible to help educate on differences between column chromatography and CCTC.

One easy way to investigate the CCTC is by conducting the binding kinetics experiment outline in the link below. Through the experiment the maximum binding capacity and the amount of time to bind will be investigated for the resin of your selection. The samples of the custom resin that we use here at ChromaTan can be purchased from our website or directly from the manufacturer Purolite. With the data from the binding kinetics experiments you can use our built-in process model to see what the possible scaled operations would be available.

Read the full Binding Kinetics SOP here.

Closed System Purification

The closed loop nature of the CCTC with 0.22 um filters on the inlets of the buffers and product feed eliminate the need to sanitization of the resin in between cycles protecting the ligands on the resin for higher cycle life.

Virtual Training & Assistance

To help train staff on the process development experiments ChromaTan offers Virtual Training and Assistance. The training covers the binding kinetics experiments and the next step in development for a CCTC process, the wash-elution study. Like the binding kinetics experiment the wash-elution study can be completed using the same common lab supplies. We will help by answering questions, suggesting buffer conditions, modeling of the target buffer scheme, and providing live support while performing experiments.

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Process Scalability

The flowpath of the CCTC can be scaled to accommodate a wide range of conditions per each system, allowing for more processes to be run on less systems.

In-House Process Development & Engineering Runs

With resources and supply chain stretched thin we at ChromaTan know that organization can have a difficulty finding the capacity to investigate new technologies. To help those groups with development ChromaTan offers In-House Process Development and Engineering Runs for a variety of therapeutics. Projects can be tailored to fit your organizations needs to ensure that your team has a fully developed process before you ever purchase a system. Follow the link below to request a quote.

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